• Laura Bratt

Laura Bratt Q&A: Early Education at SRVUSD

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Q1: San Ramon Valley Unified School District is a K-12 school district, what would you do to highlight the needs of our youngest students and their needs?

Laura Bratt: The education our district gives to our elementary students builds the foundation for their entire learning experience. This is a time when we need to foster in our students a true and sustainable love of learning. As a Board Trustee, I will do everything in my power to support that outcome.

With early intervention, we have an opportunity to support our students in ways that allow for full equity so they can discover the joy of learning. Our families and elementary teachers are the conduits to our young students and it is imperative that we as a district listen to them. As a leader, my job will be to make sure that their voices are heard. As we reach out to our families with young children, we need to all work together to provide information and understanding around social/emotional/physical wellness, tools to support learning beyond the classroom, and resources to prioritize screenings so that we can give proper IEP/504e designation to those that need it, in a timely, comprehensive, and effective manner.

I am dedicated to gathering valuable insight from our teachers, parents, para-educators, counselors, staff, and school site administrators to ensure that the issues and challenges in each of our schools are being prioritized in a way that is in the best interest of our students. Being on the LCAP Stakeholder Committee, I review the data around our district and school site outcomes broken down into the diverse subgroups at each site. We have challenges around the marginalization of our diverse types of learners and our elementary schools are our first and most effective point of contact when students are still learning to learn and families are more fully engaged at the school site level. As a district, we need to continue to look at the innovative initiatives that our teachers and admin are implementing at specific school sites and within individual groups and provide the resources for them to share these solutions at the district level to further inspire collaboration that lifts every child up across our district. I am dedicated to partnering with all of our stakeholders, shining a light on what is working and where we can push for improvement so that every child has a strong and supportive educational experience from the very beginning.

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